The Department has recently added staff and await the arrival of others, we also have several departing staff. In addition to Dr. Martha Makwero, Head of Department (HOD), Dr. Prosper Lutala based in Mangochi, and Dr. Jane Bates in Blantyre, Dr. John Parks joined the Faculty in July 2015 based in Blantyre. His role will include didactic and clinical teaching. Additionally, he will support the HOD in administrative activities to include: organizational development, management/development of external partnerships, internal and external communications, programmatic coordination of educational delivery, and assisting with strategic planning.

We recently said farewell to 3 US Family Doctors who were part of the Global Health Partnerships (GHSP)/SEED program in Malawi for 1 year. There is a partnership, started in Aug 2014, between GHSP/SEED and the Malawi College of Medicine to support the mission of strengthening health systems through education. Drs. Jessie Reynolds and Allana Krolikowski were based at the Mangochi District Hospital, and Dr. Elizabeth Hutchinson was based at Blantyre-COM-Ndirande. They contributed didactic and bedside teaching, organizational development, and a strong energy for Family Medicine. The program would not be where it is today without all of you. We wholeheartedly thank you for your service and anticipate staying connected.