The patient’s context of the Disease



Quote below from: McWhinney IR. Teaching the Principles of Family Medicine. Canadian Family Physician. 1981; 27:801-804.

“The Family Physician seeks to understand the context of illness. Many of the illnesses seen in family practice cannot be fully understood unless they are seen in their personal, family, and social context. When a patient is admitted to a hospital, much of the context of illness is removed or obscured. Attention is focused on the foreground, rather than the background. The result in many cases is a limited picture of the illness.”


College of Medicine Leadership retreat


On 6-8 August the College of Medicine management and leadership held an annual retreat at beautiful Lake Malawi. The theme of the retreat was “Together We Win” facilitated by Dr. Mary Mkandawire of Life to the Full Consulting (  It offered time to connect and build a stronger team in preparation for the coming academic year.  Click here to download

Palliative Care

The Department of Family Medicine is the host department for a newly launched Bachelor of Sciecne (BSc) in Palliative Care, the first program of its kind in Malawi. Eighteen (18) Students from a multi-disciplinary background reported for orientation and are excited to learn about the principles and practice of palliative care. For more details follow this link: (