Current students in our Masters of Medicine in Family Medicine


Name: Dr. Jessie Mbamba

Year Enrolled: 2015

She completed her medical degree at the Malawi College of Medicine in 2009. She previously worked as a District Medical Officer (DMO) in Balaka district, and a District Health Officer (DHO) in the Salima district. She joined the program because when she was working in district hospitals she saw a gap. As a young DMO or DHO she wished she had someone with broad training to ask about medical cases. She understood that family medicine consultant training could help her become the person who fills that role for others at the district hospital in the future.

Modai Mnenula

Name: Dr. Modai Mnenula

Year enrolled: 2015

He graduated from the Malawi College of Medicine in 2010. Previously, Modai worked as a DMO at the Chikwawa District Hospital and as a Medical Officer at Nkhoma Mission Hospital. Modai sees that a majority of the Malawi population lives in rural areas, whose health needs are provided by primary care centers like health centers. He says Family Doctors are primary care doctors that can help provide health service to the majority of the population, can emphasize on preventive medicine, and are more cost-effective to train. He also personally enjoys the variety of activities and cases in family medicine.

Nitta Chinyama

Name: Dr. Nitta Chinyama

Year enrolled: 2015

She graduated from the Malawi College of medicine in 2008. She worked as a medical officer for 1 year at Zomba Central Hospital, then a DMO at Zomba district for 2 years, before working as the DHO for Ntcheu district for 2 years. At the district hospital she says she saw too many inappropriate referrals to the central hospitals, and wants to learn skills and gain experience with family medicine training to be able to manage patients appropriately at the district level. She also values health promotion and preventive medicine and sees family medicine doctors as future leaders to help empower health improvement at the community level.


Name: Dr Patrick Chisepo

Year started: 2016

He graduated from the College of Medicine Malawi in 2011, thereafter he did his internship at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital from January 2012 to March 2013. He also worked as a Medical Officer at Holy Family Clinic in Phalombe from May 2013 to October 2016. He has a passion for improving the referral system between the health centers and district hospitals.



Name: Stanley Mwalwanda

Year started: 2018

He graduated from the College of Medicine (MBBS program) in 2013. Thereafter he did his internship at the Kamuzu Central Hospital, in Lilongwe. He later worked as a medical officer at Neno District Hospital from (January 2014- December 2016). Before starting his MMed program he was working as a senior medical officer at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital a role he took on from February 2017.


Name: Amos Mailosi

Year Enrolled: 2019

He graduated from the College of Medicine in 2011. He proceeded to do his internship at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. From a young age, Amos had the vision to become a doctor or to be part of something that involved directly working with and improving the lives of the underprivileged.

After his internship, he worked at Kamuzu Central Hospital and Zomba Central Hospital, as Senior Medical Officer at both hospitals. His desire to pursue a career in family medicine was developed at Zomba Central Hospital, where he was the head of department of medicine. Zomba Central Hospital despite being a central hospital has a lack of specialists.

Amos believes that becoming a specialist who would manage to see all patients was very amazing to me. It could solve the problem of lack of specialists in the rural communities and district hospitals as Family Medicine is a holistic program.