Core Module Requirements

There are six assessed core modules within the MPH programme. Core modules are compulsory for all MPH / PGDPH students. However, exemptions may be given where students can demonstrate credits gained from another institution or evidence of having completed the content of the module and which has been formally assessed by another university. Students are allowed to transfer a maximum of 50% i.e. 400 credit hours of the core module credit hours from another institution.

See the core module list below.

Core Module List

Module Code Core module Total hours Credits
MPH601 Orientation 80 0
MPH602 Essential Epidemiology 100 10
MPH603 Essential Biostatistics 100 10
MPH604 Health Systems – Health Economics & Health Policy 100 10
MPH605 Globalisation & Organisational Theory and Health Management, 50 5
MPH606 Disease Prevention – Health Promotion and Environmental Health 100 10
MPH607 Social Sciences for Public Health 100 10
MPH608 Bioethics – Good Clinical Practice 50 5
Total 800 60

The orientation module is considered a core module and is compulsory although it does not appear on the academic transcript and does not carry any credits.

MPH Handbook
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